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[esthemax] (jj) Glutathione Ampoule 551 (8ml*10ea) 1 Pack / 51101(5)

Brand: esthemax
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[esthemax] (jj) Glutathione Ampoule 551 (8ml*10ea) 1 Pack / 51101(5)

What it is

Esthemax Glutathione Essence is the result of the research and elaboration of pharmacists for many years. High concentration of glutathione concentrates + vitamins to help bring out remarkable whitening effect. Esthemax Glutathione Serum penetrates inside skin cells, to whiten from the inside, without affecting the outer skin texture, peeling, flaking, or dry skin. In addition, this Korean premium product has been tested for skin irritation and is safe to use. Design each small tube, convenient to use and store, or carry travel or work.


(8ml*10ea) 1 Pack

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Use the Facial Cleanser to cleanse your face, remove dirt, sebum and balance the pH with your favorite rose water. Put about 2-3 drops of esthemax serum stem cells on the palm of the hand and gently apply evenly on the face, massage from the inside out so that the serum penetrates into the skin. continue with your moisturizer lock step.

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