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[MAXCLINIC] ⓐ Propolis Barrier Ampoule 100ml / 0850(8) / 8,500 won(R)

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[MAXCLINIC] ⓐ Propolis Barrier Ampoule 100ml / 0850(8) / 8,500 won(R)

What it is

A quick absorbing ampoule with dual functioning properties.

This brightening and wrinkle improving ampoule comfortably soothes the sensitive skin
irritated by its surroungdings and leave skin lustrous, without stickiness.
Enriched with rare, premium natural ingredients for focused skincare,
this ampoule conatins black bee propolis & manuka honey to help set up strong skin barriers,
and ceramide to control oil & moisture balance for moisture care,
also protein with B5 nutrient cluster royal jelly extract to supply abundant nutrients.



Key ingredients

Black Bee Propolis Extract Skin barrier improving, Skin protecting, Soothing
Manuka Honey Extract Nourishing, Moisturizing
Ceramide NP Skin barrier improving, Oil & Moisture balancing
Royal Jelly Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Cherry Extract Soothing
Jasmin Extract Soothing, Replenishing

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Apply a suitable amount and evenly spread on entire face.
Gently pat for better absorption.


Apply before sheet mask to boost the effects.
Blend with essence or cream on a dry day to keep your skin hydrated.
Mix with foundation or BB cream for moist, non-flaky makeup.

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