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[Kwangdong] (jj) Kids Jump - X (1,500mg*90pills*2ea) 270g / 아이점프 - x / 9102(3)

Brand: Kwangdong
Product Code: Kwangdong-1511665
Weight: 0.66 kg
Availability: 999

[Kwangdong] (jj) Kids Jump - X (1,500mg*90pills*2ea) 270g / 아이점프 - x / 9102(3)

What it is

Help your baby eat well, sleep well, redness and improve your digestive system and improve your ability to absorb nutrients. It is recommended for children with calcium supplementation, increased kidney growth resistance, anorexia nervosa in brain development, and malnutrition. NG Age Jump X. Helps children eat well by increasing absorption of nutrients and stimulating the digestive system. The immune system, which strengthens resistance, helps children to avoid disease under environmental influences. Not only height and weight, but also intelligence, improves children's motor skills, which improves children's agility. Helps children fight acne and rashes. Kid Jump X detoxifies the liver and protects the child's liver.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

1 tablet 2 times a day

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