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[innisfree] ⓘ Re-Stay Re-Spenser 350ml (85 * 162mm) / 6,000 won(5)

Brand: innisfree
Product Code: innisfree-1510009
Weight: 0.392 kg
Availability: 996

[innisfree] ⓘ Re-Stay Re-Spenser 350ml (85 * 162mm) / 6,000 won(5)

What it is

The 'lister' design, which resembles the curves of Korean ceramics and the beauty of the margins, is designed to keep you from getting tired over time, and containers that have been exhausted can be reused for other purposes, such as vases and toothbrush flowers. A three-stage detachable dispenser provides a wider body opening for use in refills and cleaning. Tip : Restay contents (480mL) should be refilled twice in a refill dispenser (350mL).



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Open the refill pack and fill the refill pack appropriately. When the contents are fully used, tear down the main body of the re-penser, clean it, and dry it naturally for one day to keep . Cleanly cleaned re-pencers can be filled with other Amenity contents

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