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[I'M FROM] IM FROM ★ Sale 53 ★ (ho) Rice Mask 110g / Box 40 / (bo) 641 / 341/131(6R)47 / 32,000 won(6)

Brand: I'm from
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[I'M FROM] IM FROM ★ Sale 53 ★ (ho) Rice Mask 110g / Box 40 / (bo) 641 / 341/131(6R)47 / 32,000 won(6)

What it is

Made from organic rice grown without the use of pesticides in Yeoju,
the rice grains & powder gently removes built-up dead skin cells
and unwanted wastes to leave a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Brightening - Exfoliate - Moisturizes - Rejuvenating

The I'm From Rice Mask is formulated with top quality Yeoju rice for pearly white & flawless skin.
It acts to gently exfoliate the skin, resulting in smooth, clear, and brigtened skin tone and texture.

Brightening care: the start of flawless skin
The rice grains and rice powder within the Rice Mask remove dead skin cells and wastes,
rejuvenating and transforming the skin to look more lively and clear.

Pore care: the post-cleanse neccesity
Rice water is full of vitamin B1, B2, as well as minerals that act to restore elasticity and firmness
to the skin by tightening enlarged pores and increasing the skin's density.

Natural texture and natural nutrients
By directly incorporating ground Yeoju rice grains, we've maximized the nutrients
and maintained the soft, squishy texture for optimal use.

Science with nature: liquid crystal emulsification technology
Including more than 25% of skin-friendly emollients,
it moisturizes the skin with excellent absorbency and a refreshing finish.




The unique bouncy texture of rice gently rolls onto the skin to gently massage without all the irritation.
Two types of organic rice powder works to gently but effectively exfoliate the skin to provide you
with astounding effects even after only a single time use.

The yellow particles are ground rice grains, and will differ in sizes.
Because the mask contains natural rice grains as raw ingredients directly from nature,
there may be slight differences depending on the year's harvest.

Key ingredient

4.1% Yeoju rice. Packed with pure top quality yeoju rice.
Yeoju rice, Korea's best organic brightening ingredient found in nature.
Yeoju rice contains 3 times more dietary fiber than regular rice and contains an
abundance of essential amino acids such as lysine and other active ingredients.
We've directly formulated Yeoju rice to remove dead skin cells and wastes to create smooth, moisturized skin.
It also contains gamma oryzanol, which is excellent for brightening and improving the complexion.
Known as the area of constant harvest, even droughts and floods have no influence on Yeoju.
The area is characteristic of drastic temperature changes between the daytime and nighttime,
resulting in the production of top quality rice with a higher glucose and starch content.

From Gyeonggi province Yeoju Deokpyeong village.
Where the best quality rice is born under the most optimal natural conditions.
Yeoju rice is extremely white in that it has a bluish-white glow similar to that of porcelain,
and is characteristic of its softness.

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, evenly apply a dime-sized amount onto the entire face.
Depending on the texture of your skin, massage as needed.
Gently massage with the tips of your fingers, starting from the chin, working your way to the forehead.
Then finish by rubbing the sides and bridge of your nose 3 times.
After about 10 minutes, gently rinse off with water.

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