Home / [EZ FORMULA] ★ Sale 72% ★ ⓢ Ez Formula Fluid (2ml*10ea) 1 Pack / Ampoule / 30,000 won() / 재고만

[EZ FORMULA] ★ Sale 72% ★ ⓢ Ez Formula Fluid (2ml*10ea) 1 Pack / Ampoule / 30,000 won() / 재고만

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[EZ FORMULA] ★ Sale 72% ★ ⓢ Ez Formula Fluid (2ml*10ea) 1 Pack / Ampoule / 30,000 won() / 재고만

What it is

A quick absorbing and easy to use high concentrated ampoule.

#Hydra Plus Fluid
Deeply moisturize the dehydrated skin and makes it radiant. It controls the
moisture balance, and increase firmness and suppleness. Forms a protective
barrier, and improve wrinkles. It also prevents dehydration for the skin.

Key ingredients : aloe vera extract, portulaca extract, bamboo extract

#Purifying Active Fluid
Soothes the skin and improves skin troubles such as acne, and makes the skin
smooth. It prevents skin dehydration and controls excess sebum. This ampoule
purifyies the complexion and tightens the enlarged pores, and increas the skin
protection ability.

Key ingredeints : eoseongcho extract, cypress water, tea tree extract, tea tree oil.

#Brightening Active Fluid
Brightens the complexion and make your skin look younger. It prevents
dehydration, improves blemish, and purifies the complexion. Moisturize
and hydrates the skin, and increase the skin protection ability.

Key ingredients : camellia oil, olive oil, albutine, pearl extract

#Collagen Booster Fluid
Makes the saggy and aged skin firm and supple, and prevents wrinkle. With
the combination of elastin, this high concentrated ampoule improves skin
firmness and elasticity, decrease fine wrinkles. It stimulates natural collagen
of the skin to prevent skin aging.

Key ingredients : hydrolized collagen, centella asiatica extract, allantoin,
mung bean extract, sanghwang mushroom extract



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Break open the neck of the ampoule and apply the content on entire face
and gently pat for absorption. 2-3 times a week use is recommended.



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