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[CARICARE] ⓐ Naturally Darkening Shampoo 200ml / 7701(6) 8,000 won(R)

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[CARICARE] ⓐ Naturally Darkening Shampoo 200ml / 7701(6) 8,000 won(R)

What it is

The name itself is self-explanatory: hair-darkening shampoos help your hair achieve a darker color. This happens because of ingredients that stain or deposit a darker color on light or graying hair. 

Unlike permanent hair dyes, these shampoos are usually formulated with natural ingredients. They’re not only effective but also gentle on both your hair and scalp. 

That’s because hair-darkening shampoos typically contain natural dyes that can cover, stain, or darken your hair, regardless of your original hair color. 

However, that’s not their only purpose as they can also be used to take care of your hair and scalp.

Besides darkening your locks, these shampoos can also hydrate and nourish hair, help prevent hair loss, reinforce hair strength, and repair damage. 

If you have unwanted lightening or graying hair or want a deeper tone to your natural brunette hair color, hair darkening shampoos are great alternatives to the usual, chemical-based, hair dyes. 




Hair Type

In choosing most hair care products, it’s a general rule to identify your hair and scalp type before buying a product. Some shampoos work great with textured hair while others don’t. Some may irritate a person’s scalp while keeping another’s oily. Shampoos are not created the same, so it’s best to get one that will work well with your hair. Luckily, many hair-darkening shampoos are made with natural ingredients that are gentle enough for most hair types. 

Hair Color

Since you’re trying to darken your hair, consider the hair color you want to achieve. On top of this, you should also consider the hair color you will start with. By doing so, you can narrow down the color saturation you’d want a hair-darkening shampoo to have. If you start with a lighter shade and want to end up with dark brown or even black hair, you should get a shampoo that deposits color that can be as vivid as your goal. 

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