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[C-K-D] CKD (bo) Retino Collagen Tightening Glow Cream Pack 80ml / 5950(12) / 9,980 won(R) / sold out

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[C-K-D] CKD (bo) Retino Collagen Tightening Glow Cream Pack 80ml / 5950(12) / 9,980 won(R) / sold out

What it is

Retino Collagen is a skin tightening glow cream pack that tightens the pores and completes flawless skin.

Features characteristics of pore tightening, glowing skin, and collagen protective film.

Retino Collagen Tightening Glow Cream Pack gives the optimal flawless skin that glows like the ones of a celebrity.

Experience flawless skin from glowing collagen on your own skin.

A 2-week trial test result showed improvement in tightening the loose pore surface area.

This skin care product was tested to improve pore tightening and skin elasticity by a two-week trial test, where the tested area of the skin saw a 3.95% improvement in elasticity, confirming its effectiveness.

A 30.5% improvement on dull and dry skin was tested and confirmed with a glowing collagen care, proving its effectiveness.

This product is a low molecular collagen cream pack.

This cream pack adheres to all edges of the face and turns transparent to tighten the skin.

Apply the suitable amount of product to your skin, except the eye and mouth area. Leave it on for 30~40 minutes. Your skin will feel tighter and the product will be transparent once the active ingredients are all delivered to the skin. Remove the product to finish your skincare routine and relax your skin.

Apply the cream pack and wait for it to nourish the skin and become transparent after 30~40 minutes. While you wait, do light exercise, watch TV, do chores - the pack won't fall off and you can go about your day with a simple home skincare routine.

Enjoy a simple home skincare with the moisturizing layer of collagen free of stuffiness.

This multi-functional peel-off pack does not stuff or weigh down the skin. It leaves a moisturizing collagen film on the face to keep your skin hydrated, along with a subtle collagen glow that does not look oily and greasy.

Experience the optimal glowing, flawless skin that glows like the ones of a celebrity upon consistent use.

Tested to be low-irritative, so it is safe to be used even on sensitive skin.

Get flawless, dewy collagen water glowing skin with a low-molecular collagen cream pack.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

1. Cleanse then apply the product to the dry face and adhere it around the eyes, brows, and mouth.

2. Keep the product on and let it absorb for 30~40 minutes until it turns transparent.

3. Peel off the product from the bottom edges to the top.

Depending on the amount of use and the skin type, the time for the product to dry may vary.

4. Gently dab the remaining products onto the skin and let it absorb.

After your usual daily skincare, apply this product at the last step.

The collagen mask can be peeled off the face easily from the edges of the face, and no separate washing is needed afterwards.

For optimal results, use it 3~4 times a week, and everyday when the weather is dry or during the winter seasons.

If you use 5ml per application, then you can use it for about 10 times. The frequency may vary by person.

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