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[CNP LABORATORY] (bo) Propolis Lipcerin Special Set (15ml+15ml) / 231(21)50(13) / 13,850 won(R)

Brand: CNP
Product Code: CNP-1510834
Weight: 0.153 kg
Availability: 999

[CNP LABORATORY] (bo) Propolis Lipcerin Special Set (15ml+15ml) / 231(21)50(13) / 13,850 won(R)

What it is

From the basics, your lips will be moisturized and firm all day long.
With the simplicity of lip balm and the nutrition of a lip mask, lipcerin provides moisture to your lips day and night.
Satisfaction guaranteed with ease of use, moisturizing effect, and spreadability of 100%.
Lips feel bouncy by improving elasticity 96%, consistently using the product has improved lip condition compared to before 100%, a radiant glow can be felt on the lips, moisture remains on the lips when applied before bed and waking up, good expression of lip makeup after using the product, intend to purchase the product in the future, recommend the product to acquaintances with a 96.7% intention, feels a soothing effect on the skin right after application with a satisfaction rate of 93.3%.
Provides moisture and honey-like coating during the day and night without drying out.
Maintains moisturized and vibrant lips even during daily activities or sleep for 12 hours.
Shows a 25.68% increase in moisturizing sensation immediately after use, and a 15.4% increase after 12 hours.
Completed sensitivity tests with a comfortable formula to use with confidence.
By applying an air fit container with a dial rotation structure that allows regulation of volume, you can safely protect the effective ingredients of the product and use it hygienically, maintaining optimal usability from start to finish.
With a concentrated texture in a yellow color reminiscent of honey, it seamlessly melts and absorbs into body temperature, allowing for moist and glossy lip makeup.
It is suitable for when your lips are dry, excessively rough and flaky, when lip balm alone does not solve the dryness, when you want to create a smooth and soft lip base, when you want to fill in lip elasticity for a resilient lip expression, when you need a portable high-moisture lip product, and when you are looking for a hygienic lip mask product.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Turn the bottom of the container counterclockwise and apply an appropriate amount evenly to the lips and around the lips when the contents are dispensed.

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