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[LINDSAY] (a) Modeling Mask Cup Pack 28g / #Calendula / 7101(14) / 1,900 won(R)

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[LINDSAY] (a) Modeling Mask Cup Pack 28g / #Calendula / 7101(14) / 1,900 won(R)

What it is

This modeling mask tightly adheres to your face to ensure the essence is completely infiltrated to your skin.
Removes impurities clogged in your pores.
Relieve stressed skin from external stmulations.

Available in 8 types.
Brightens dull skin and displays a healthy glow.
Formulated with Vitamins to repair damaged skin and offers moisturization for a radiant finish.
Cool Tea Tree:
Effectively calms irritated skin and controls sebum production by supplying abundant moisture.

A mild and hydrating mask suitable for sensitive skin.
Revitalizes sensitive and tired skin.
Deeply clarifies pores with Charcoal Powder.
Calming Herb:
Mildly controls sebum production and gives a cooling effect to your skin.



How to use

1. Put 7 to 8 spoons of cold water into the plastic container with the attached spatula (A side) and mix with the powder on the other side of the spatula.
2. Put the mask evenly on your face and rest for 15 minutes.
3. Take off your mask and apply your moisturizing cream.

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