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[THE FACE SHOP] ★ Big Sale 65% ★ (hp) Real Nature Face Mask 20g * 10ea / EXP 2025.03 / #Blueberry / 1,000 won(5)

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[THE FACE SHOP] ★ Big Sale 65% ★ (hp) Real Nature Face Mask 20g * 10ea / EXP 2025.03 / #Blueberry / 1,000 won(5)

What it is

Aloe moisturizing, soothing
Essence enriched with aloe extract soothes the sensitive skin mildly with abundant moisture.

Cucumber moisturizing, recharging
Enriched with cucumber extract, it rehydrated the dry skin to solve dehydration.

Lemon brightening
Enriched with lemon extract, it improves the complexion pure and clear.

Rice brightening
Containing rice extract, it improves the dull and rough skin texture soft and radiant.

Mung Bean pore care, firming
Enriched with mung bean to help pore contraction for smooth skin texture.

Kelp purifying
Enriched with kelp extract, it purifies the skin tired from external stimuli.

Olive concentrated moisturizing
Containing olive extract, it gently moisturize the dry and rough skin.

Honey moisturizing, luster care
Enriched with honey extract, it gives moisture and luster to the rough and dry skin.

Pomgranate firming, vitalizing
Formulated with pomoegranate extract, it moisturize and firm up the skin from deep inside
making it pure and vitalized.

Blueberry vitalizing
Enriched with blueberry extract, it forms a protective barrier on skin to keep it vitalized.

Potato moisturizing, soothing
Enriched with potato extract to soothe the skin with its cooling sensation.

Green Tea moisturizing, purifying
Formulated with pure green tea, it fills the skin with abundant moisture.

Bamboo vitalizing, moisturizing
Containing bamboo extract, it vitalize the skin with pure moisture.

Shea Butter nourishing, firming
Enriched with shea butter, it deeply nourish the skin to make it firm and vitalized.

Avocado moisturizing, nourishing
Enriched with avocado extract, it keeps the skin comfortable with abundant nourishing
and moisturizing.

Lotus moisturizing, purifying
Enriched with lotus extract, it keeps the skin oure with abundant moisture.

Lingzhi luster care, firming
Formulated with lingzhi extract, nourish the skin, keeping it moist and firm.

Calendula soothing, moisturizing
Soothes the irritated skin with calendula extract.

Tea Tree refreshing, soothing
Enriched with tea tree extract, it keeps the skin clear from the excess sebum.

Red Ginseng firming
Formulated with red ginseng, it deeply nourish the skin to keep it firm and supple.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Apply the mask adjusting around the eyes
and mouth. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining essence
serum until fully absorbed.



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