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[WONJIN EFFECT] (bo) Melaless Cream 80g / 5950(13) / 10,000 won(R)

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[WONJIN EFFECT] (bo) Melaless Cream 80g / 5950(13) / 10,000 won(R)

What it is

With cumulative sales of 80,000 units, it shows an improvement of 10.81% in melanin area, 3.01% improvement in pigmentation in freckle areas, 1.01% improvement in skin tone, 0.99% improvement in pigmentation in blemish areas, and 6.74% improvement in skin tone uniformity after 2 weeks of use.
It presents clearer skin in just 14 days.
It shows a 96% satisfaction rate in moisturizing effect, 98% satisfaction rate in texture, and 95% satisfaction rate in absorption.
According to reviews, it is a product that has the effect of preventing pigmentation, making freckles appear lighter, brightening overall skin tone, and visibly lightening scars.
It shows a 100% moisturizing effect, 95% improvement in skin tone, 95% improvement in skin tone uniformity, 95% improvement in dark circles, 90% improvement in pigmentation in both superficial and deep blemish areas, and 86% lightening of melanin in pigmentation areas.
It has been certified with solid effects through 6 clinical trials, showing improvements of 18.38% in melanin area, 4.97% in blemish areas, 1.53% in pigmentation, 1.01% in skin tone, and 6.74% in skin tone uniformity.
It is a dual-functional cosmetic for brightening and wrinkle improvement.
It is a moisturizing buttercream formula that is non-sticky and can be used daily without feeling burdensome.
It has undergone skin safety evaluation and irritation testing.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

1. Gently apply in the morning and evening along the skin texture.
2. It works even better when used together with Melaris Ampoule.

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