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[PGBIO] (jj) Red Ginseng Kids Stick (10g*30ea) 300g / 831(521)50(0.8)

Brand: PGBIO
Product Code: PGBIO-1512872
Weight: 0.8 kg
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[PGBIO] (jj) Red Ginseng Kids Stick (10g*30ea) 300g / 831(521)50(0.8)

What it is

Helps baby eat well, sleep well, rosy skin, enhance resistance, increase food absorption, height growth, brain development. Korean Baby Red Ginseng helps children develop brains, enhances memory. Using red ginseng daily will be supplemented to stimulate brain activity leading to enhanced memory development for the baby's brain. Red ginseng improves the condition of children with anorexia rickets, adds high levels of vitamins and minerals to help children eat better and develop strong bones. It will be effective in helping children not get sick, cough , flu, runny nose, and the duration of the illness is also shortened.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Red ginseng is liquid, so it can be given directly to the baby 1-2 times / 1 pack / day. 1 week should only drink 2-4 packs; Should drink in the morning, 1 hour after eating, should not drink after 5 pm. There are specific indications for each age on the box. Or you can also split 1 pack for your baby to drink for 2 days without affecting the quality of the product.

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