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[BY ECOM] ★ Big Sale 80% ★ Honey Glow Ampoule 30ml / EXP 2021.11 / FLEA / 29,000 won(10)

Brand: BY ECOM
Product Code: BYECOM-1003575
Weight: 0.2 kg
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[BY ECOM] ★ Big Sale 80% ★ Honey Glow Ampoule 30ml / EXP 2021.11 / FLEA / 29,000 won(10)

What it is

By Ecom skincare has created an ampoule to provide skin with a glittering honey glow that
starts from the inside.

By Ecom Honey Glow ampoule is a unique 3-in-1 functional ampoule serum created by an skincare
enthusiast for skincare enthusiasts. As with the Honey Glow Cera Cream from By Ecom's range, this
ampoule perfectly compliments the cream in the skincare routine which we highly recommend.
With the use of high quality ingredients such as Propolis, Royal Jelly and honey extracts, only the
good ingredients of the right amount are combined into the By Ecom Honey Glow ampoule makingit
perfectly suited to all skin types. It is a light ampoule that absorbs deep into the skin to promote
hydration and elasticity in the skin cells reducing the appearance of ageing and fine lines.

By Ecom Honey Glow ampoule provides anti-ageing and brightening properties to the skin. It does
this through its innovative Blackberry Collagen Complex that consists of a concoction of Blackberry
extracts, Collagen and fermented ingredients that helps to activate essential skin collagen and elastin
fibres. Furthermore, the honey glow ampoule is boosted with a wide range of antioxidant extracts to
delay skin ageing through active oxygen inhibition.

A drop of ampoule has high moisture content like jelly and forms a protective barrier for the skin
which further enhances the duration of moisturisation. Contains all the good ingredients such as
Propolis, Blackberry extracts and Royal Jelly. High-grade, safe ingredients, all in EWG green level,
with non-stimulating rating in skin irritation test. Water Jell Fitting Membrane system eliminates
skin dryness instantly.




Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Before using ampoule, put toner on cotton and wipe the skin in preparation. Take a moderate
amount of ampule and spread it gently along the skin. To increase absorption, cover your face
lightly with your hand's heat.


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