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[VOLAYON] (jh) Innov Gel 500ml / 2401(0.7) / 46,000 won()

Product Code: VOLAYON-1511850
Weight: 0.7 kg
Availability: 998

[VOLAYON] (jh) Innov Gel 500ml / 2401(0.7) / 46,000 won()

What it is

Primary Gel Mask that moisturizes and soothes. It is a functional gel mask that can be used as an essence for reconstruction and improvement of various wrinkle symptoms. Innov Gel's focus is on 'reconstruction and nutrition'. Most of the GEL masks, which mainly contained the function of 'moisturizing or soothing', were able to some extent with their texture due to the nature of GEL. Innov Gel gives you something special. I think more than the previous primary mask. It is safe to use as a skin reconstruction essence. It is suitable for emergency treatment in case of various program care, and the customer can directly experience the effect.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount evenly on the skin.

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