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☆ Special Feature TROIAREUKE

TROIAREUKE has launched a limited edition cushion in collaboration with famous youtuber Edward Avila on August 2018.
Although the cushion is currently sold out, we thought it is worth checking out Edward's explanation for both H+ and A+ cushion.



Since TROIAREUKE has a unique concept which is 'professional prescription'
It might be somewhat difficult for someone who is new to the brand.
So we have listed detailed information to helps you guys out! 


>TROIAREUKE Skin Recipe<




Troiareuke is professional prescription skincare brand. Troiareuke provides perfect Solution for “Today’s skin condition”.
Personalized skincare prescription gives the best solution for different skin type and skin disorder which gives great satisfaction to every skin.





Areuke Skin Recipe_Skin care 3 Step

1 Step  Skin diagnosis 

2 Step  1:1 Right prescription skincare treatment 

3 Step  Self-Spa cosmetic prescription  



Our skin changes every day. Customized 1:1 skincare prescription system provides today’s skin solution through;
Chroma therapy, Aromatherapy, and color therapy. This gives holistic treatment to every skin.


Chroma therapy_Color therapy
_ use light in the form of color to balance “energy” lacking from a person’s body, whether it is on physical, emotional,
spiritual, or mental levels.

Each color has it’s own energy source. Through visible color, 4 ampoules provide emotional, psychological relaxation
and help to rebalance the skin energy through a light. Four different color makes skin to rebalance and recovers
today’s skin condition.
Fermentation Technology behind the formula
_Using natural ingredients. Nature nano-sized.
Troiareuke is natural cosmetic brand which is used safe and natural ingredient for skincare cosmetic

_Plant makes antioxidant ingredient to protect itself.
Phytochemical & Nature plant extract – Protects and restores skin from the harmful external environment.



ACSEN Concept

It is a special line designed for acne & sensitive skin. Acsen line provides customized skincare prescription from skin cleansing to cream.

Centella Asiatica_Powerful Recovery Energy 

Acsen’s main ingredient. It restores damaged skin external and internal cells. It has an effect on the wounded areas.

Selemix AN_Powerful acne and sensitive skin solution

Acsen’s main ingredient. A new concept of ingredient has been developed for acne and sensitive skin.
Powerful energy has been extracted from germinating soybean and the bark of a magnolia tree.
Germinating soybean extract and selenium protects and recovers skin.
Tree bark extract of Magnolol and Honokiol ease and control inflammation of Propionibacterium Acne(P.acne).






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