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[RiRe] ★ Sale 70% ★ Silicon Puff 1ea / 8,000 won(30) / 재고만

Brand: RiRe
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[RiRe] ★ Sale 70% ★ Silicon Puff 1ea / 8,000 won(30) / 재고만



What it is

We all know the benefits of silicon puff.

Silicone Makeup Sponge is thin and flexible.
It does not absorb your foundation or any liquid makeup.
You can even use this as skincare product applicator like moisturizers.
Everything will glide smoothly as you pat it on your face.
Some people complain that it doesn’t reach the inner corners of the face, but the edges of RiRe Silicon Puff is
smooth and can easily apply makeup on the sides of nose and under eyes.

But the best part is, it’s very hygienic because you can easily clean it with cleansing wipes or water.
And it does not easily crumble or torn, so you’ll be able to use it longer than foam sponges applicator.

RiRe Silicon Puff has it’s own pouch for safe keeping inside your bag.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Take a suitable amount of desired product (cream/foundation/cushion) with RiRe Silicon Puff,
spread evenly across the face and gently pat for absorption.

To cleanse the puff, wipe out the residue with a tissue and rinse off with water.



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