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[CREMORLAB] ★ Sale 10% ★ ⓘ UV Protection Ideal Base Shield 50ml / 87250() / 32,000 won()

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[CREMORLAB] ★ Sale 10% ★ ⓘ UV Protection Ideal Base Shield 50ml / 87250() / 32,000 won()

What it is

Multi-functional Sunscreen + Make-up base .
Vitality base sunscreen with a pinkish tint and long-lasting skin tone brightening effect

SPF50+ PA++++

Dual UV blocking function with SPF50+ and PA++++ protects the skin perfectly from UVA & UVB rays
on top of its multi-functional feature as a make-up base with skin brightening benefit.

Powerful sunscreen with unique ingredients of T.E.N.™ Mineral Water and Cloud Skin Shield™,
which protects the skin from blue light(phone, computer screen, TV) UVA, UVB and other external pollutants.

The peach-pink creamy texture adheres seamlessly onto the skin’s surface as a long-lasting make-up base with UV protective function.
Blooming Complex™ smoothens and brightens skin to a state of flawless perfection with prolonged use.

Lightweight adherence onto the skin with matte finishing without any feeling of stickiness.
Creates natural glow and smoothens skin texture.


50 ml

Key ingredients

Deep penetration of active minerals and moisturizing ingredients into the skin,
resulting in radiant skin that glows in full health.
It emolliates and comforts the skin, and reduces hypersensitivity
caused by stress from the external environments.

Protection against UVA, UVB and blue light and promotes healthier skin.

AQUA CERIA: Protection against Blue Light
PEARL: Smoothens Complexion
ARABIAN COTTON: Protection against UV Rays
FERMENTED RICE: Brightens Skin Tone, Moisturizes
CLOUD BERRY: Improves Skin Tone
CHERRY BLOSSOM: Smoothens Complexion, Moisturizes

Solutions for

For those interested in multi-functional sunscreen products,
that doubles up as a make-up base with functional skincare benefits on top of UV protection.
For those interested in total protection from blue light skin damage,
due to their frequent use of electronic devices, such as cell phones and computers.
For those interested in complexion correction for dull and uneven skin tone.
For those interested in lightweight, easy-to-apply liquid formula sunscreen.
For those interested in total protection from external stress factors caused by polluted city environments.

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

At the last step of your skincare routine before make-up application,
apply an adequate amount evenly to the entire face, neck, and other areas exposed to the sun.

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