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[Huxley] (jh) Essence Deluxe Complete / 6601(11)

Brand: Huxley
Product Code: Huxley-1512474
Weight: 0.181 kg
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[Huxley] (jh) Essence Deluxe Complete / 6601(11)

What it is

Oil ; Light and More [Hydration]
Cooling and hydrating water essence.
Texture : Water
Skin Type : Dry / Combination

Oil Essence ; Essence-Like, Oil-Like [Extra Moisture]
Oil-essence hybrid revitalizes and protects skin from free radicals.
Texture : Oil
Skin Type : Dry

Essence ; Grab Water [Antioxidant]
Light-weight, fast-absorbing oil moisturizes and softens skin.
Texture : Lightweight Gel
Skin Type : All Skin Type

Essence ; Brightly Ever After [Brightening]
Concentrated brightening essence protects and hydrates skin for a radiant glow.
Texture : Milky
Skin Type : All Skin Types


Oil ; Light and More 5ml
Oil Essence ; Essence-Like, Oil-Like 5ml
Essence ; Grab Water 5ml
Essence ; Brightly Ever After 5ml

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

After the use of a toner, apply an appropriate amount to your skin. Gently press with your hands to absorb.

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