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[CNP LABORATORY] ⓙ CNP Special Ampoule Miniature Set / 0701(20)

Brand: CNP
Product Code: CNP-1511385
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[CNP LABORATORY] ⓙ CNP Special Ampoule Miniature Set / 0701(20)

What it is

Mugener Ampoule
The Mugener Ampoule contains Panthenol and Glycosaminoglycans to bring irritated and sensitive skin back to its healthy state. Formulated with Sillokwiki (Sigesbeckia) extract and Rabdosia Rubescens extract for a brighter complexion.

Propolis Energy Ampoule
Ampoules for skin's natural vitality. It is a propolis ingredient extracted from nature. It helps to make skin healthy and radiant, while also helping to calm and hydrate skin. Helps to improve sensitive and sensitive skin, and gives vitality and shine to tired and depressed skin.

Vita-B Energy Ampoule
7 Vitamin B complexes give the skin a pink vigor and energy to brighten skin tone. 7 fermented vitamin B complexes. Long moist feeling. Double brightening effect of two whitening ingredients


CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule 5ml
CNP Vita-B Ampoule 5ml
CNP Mugener Ampoule 5ml

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Take an adequate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture and gently pat for absorption.

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