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[FORENCOS] ★ Sale 6% ★ (jj) Wonderwerk Marula Tone Up Cream 50ml /06215(5) /32,.000won(5)

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[FORENCOS] ★ Sale 6% ★ (jj) Wonderwerk Marula Tone Up Cream 50ml /06215(5) /32,.000won(5)

What it is

With smooth texture, high content of palmitic fatty acids, Forencos cream will form a moisture-locked layer, retain water deep under the skin to prevent evaporation, prevent dehydration and help skin stay smooth throughout the day. With abundant content of nutrients, the cream helps stimulate skin resurfacing, reduces irritation, itching. Sensitive skin, especially skin that has been peeling and weakening, will gradually be restored, healthy, with better resistance, good resistance against environmental damage such as sunlight, dust. Forencos cream will help you moisturize, balance oily glands and help skin clear, thereby helping skin limit acne, bringing a smooth, healthy skin for you. Helps to eliminate wrinkles, tighten pores, so you will have youthful, soft skin quickly. helps to smooth out uneven skin areas and brightens and brightens the skin day after day of use. Evenly uneven skin areas while nourishing skin naturally smooth and radiant



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

At the last step of skincare, take a small amount and spread it on your skin.

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