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[THE SKIN] (sg) Hair Soap 12g / mini / 0802(40)

Product Code: THE SKIN-1005654
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[THE SKIN] (sg) Hair Soap 12g / mini / 0802(40)

What it is

Hair soap for healthy scalp and thick & lush hair.

The Hair Soap removes skin waste and sebum clogging the pores in scalp which can be the cause of hair loss and odor. By improving the health of the scalp, it generates healthier hair root, making an elastic hair. It also supply abundant moisutre with its natural ingredients, making a lush hair.




Recomended for

All hair types

How to use

Work up a rich lather with hands or by rubbing the Hair Soap on damp hair. Gently massage with fingers from the center of the scalp. Leave on for 3-4 minutes in order to let the nutrients soak into the hair. Rinse of throughly with lukewarm water.

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