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[FORENCOS] ★ Sale 50% ★ ⓢ pH 5.5 Efficacy Toner Mist (1g*10ea) 1 Pack / 9900(R) / 22,000 won(8R)

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[FORENCOS] ★ Sale 50% ★ ⓢ pH 5.5 Efficacy Toner Mist (1g*10ea) 1 Pack / 9900(R) / 22,000 won(8R)

What it is

A DIY Tropuble solution mist for the day, that makes skin healthy by balancing
the skin pH and anti-pollution effects.

Custom prescription for trouble solution
It effectively improves the skin problems such as, trouble, sensitiveness, driness,
and dullness.

Mildy acidic healing care with pH 5.5
The mildly acidic water with pH 5.5 level which fits the healthy skin, strengthens
the fimness and resistance of the alakalized skin, to firm up the sensitive skin cell.

Blocks toxic substance
It blocks the harmful substance, which is the cause of skin trouble that makes the
skin rough and dry, to keep the skin healthy.

Pure vitamin oil tablet
Synergy effect of vitamin C and natural oil, improves trouble and removes keratin,
and brightens the skin and makes the skin vibrant.


1g * 10ea

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Put 1 tablet in 75ml of purified water (or tap water).
Close the lid after the tablet has fully dissolved, it takes about 30 seconds.
Spray on entire face from 10-20 cm distance and gently pat for absorption.

*The content may turn yellow-ish after a while due to the vitamin, but it is
  safe to use. We recommend you to use the mist in 10 days


Centella asiatica extract and eggplant extract relieves the skin from the trouble,
to make smooth and clean skin.

Green barrier, composed of magnolia tree bark extract and carrageenan, soothes
the sensitive skin and forms a healthy skin barrier.

The double moist effect of hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and increase the
moisturizing layer of the skin to keep ot moist.

The vita energy of vitamin C, B5, B6, and H evens and improves the complexion
and make it vibrant.


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