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[SU:M37°] SUM ★ Sample ★ Secret Essence 1ml*50ea(Total 50ml) / 8103(14)

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[SU:M37°] SUM ★ Sample ★ Secret Essence 1ml*50ea(Total 50ml) / 8103(14)

What it is

This essence deeply hydrates and revitalizes skin, leaving it softer, plumper,
and brighter due to its blend of 80 fermented natural extracts.

The essence is derived from extracts of more than 80 types of local plant varieties
that have been fermented and aged in cedar barrels, under stringent conditions:
an optimal temperature of 37˚C and humidity for at least 365 days.
Yes, good things are worth waiting for.

Besides being derived from a proprietary and traditional natural fermentation process,
the iconic su:m37˚ essence is also able to enhance the natural healing power of the skin
without the use of preservatives, artificial colour, and fragrance.

The Secret Essence contains a high concentration of the exclusively patented ferulic acid
that comes from su:m37˚’s unique fermentation process, and it activates the key ingredient in the essence, Cytosis®.
Cytosis® is able to rebuild the foundation of good skin, and strengthen it against external pollutants and aggressors.
These are benefits that women living in cities will definitely appreciate.

The Secret Essence promises to improve the skin’s tone, brilliance,
firmness, texture, and hydration after just two weeks of use.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing and toning, apply a suitable amount on entire face.
Gently pat for better absorption.

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