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[MEDIHEAL] ★ Sale 65% ★ ⓑ PDF AC Dressing Ampoule Mask EX (25ml*10ea) 1pack

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[MEDIHEAL] ★ Sale 65% ★ ⓑ PDF AC Dressing Ampoule Mask EX (25ml*10ea) 1pack

What it is

Anti-trouble ingredient Centella Asiatica, Triclosan and Salicylic acid concentrate on trouble areas
for rapid and instant relief effect and effectively control oil secretion to make clean skin.

Soothes stimulation of skin and sensitive skin mildly and eases skin.
Takes care of skin trouble intensively and controls skin to create clean skin.
Silk like cellulose sheet that fits to delicate curve of face.
Cellulose sheet delivers enriched essence mildly.
Cellulose sheet (100% pure cotton)



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

After washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner and fit the mask to the face.
Remove after 15~20 minutes and pat the remainder essence.
Softly tap the remaing essence for it to soak after removing the mask
Considering the skin turnover period, using it 2 ~ 3 times a week, continuously for 4 weeks is the most effective
(One month intensice care progrram)

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