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[Sulwhasoo] ★ Sample ★ Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream 1ml*20pcs (Total 20ml) / 자음생

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[Sulwhasoo] ★ Sample ★ Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream 1ml*20pcs (Total 20ml) / 자음생

What it is

Attain your skin’s exquisite youthful look with the vitality of ginseng
A concentrated ginseng anti-aging cream to care comprehensive signs of aging for revitalized look of skin.

Embodying 50 years of ginseng research for a revitalized look
Sulwhasoo found ginseng’s anti-aging essence 'Compound k and ginsenoside re', each from ginseng roots and ginseng flower.
Exclusive ginseng formula helps to reduce the the comprehensive signs of skin aging and make skin look revitalized.

From skincare to Image Anti-aging care
Concentrated ginseng renewing cream ex performs image anti-aging- younger and softer complexion
achieved by firmer-looking skin around face 'Image Zone'.

*Image Zone is a new concept with which Sulwhasoo measures anti-aging effects and defines a youthful, friendly look.
Sulwhasoo identified image zone by connecting areas susceptible to aging due to repeated facial expressions and loss of skin’s elastic look.

A rich yet subtle sensual experience
Made with Sulwhasoo’s multi-emulsification technology, the nutritious texture offers a richly hydrated finish
as well as a luminous and glowing look. Subtle yet full-bodied scent of ginseng roots.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Use as a day and night cream.
Apply a moderate amount and spread evenly across your face.

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