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[Dermatips] ⓑ Eye Lid Cleaner (2ml*30ea) 1 Pack / 0615(9)

Brand: Dermatips
Product Code: Dermatips-1005797
Weight: 0.22 kg
Availability: 999

[Dermatips] ⓑ Eye Lid Cleaner (2ml*30ea) 1 Pack / 0615(9)

What it is

A special cleansing wipe for sensitive eye areas. The Eye Lid Cleaner is a low-irritant product made only with EWG first grade ingredients and LOHAS certified 100% cotton pad. It gently and thoughly cleanse away impurities, sebum, makeup residue, from the eye lids.


2ml * 30ea

Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

Take 1 sheet of Eye Lid Cleaner. Gently sweep the eyelids from inner corner to outwards.

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