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[stelbi] ★ Sale 60% ★ First Blending Essence 120ml / 7615(8) / 19,000 won(8)

Brand: stelbi
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[stelbi] ★ Sale 60% ★ First Blending Essence 120ml / 7615(8) / 19,000 won(8)

What it is

A first essence for recovers skin balance and improves elasticity, to make pure and clear
Enriched with fermented rice embryo oil, First Blending Essence improves skin tone and skin
texture, and remove dead cells, to make the skin smooth. Ceramide fills the skin from deep
inside for abundant moisturizing and nourishing, while rose water and centella water soothe
the irritated skin with their moist hydration.

One of the unique feature of First Blending Essence is the fact that it's fragrance free.
It doesn't contains any artificial fragrance, to make it extra safe for sensitive skin and
who are sensitive to scent.


The fermented rice embryo oil sinks to the bottom of the bottle, which makes the First
Blending Essence look transparent at first. But when you shake the bottle the fermented
rice embryo oil drops spreads like a snow ball, blending in with the rose & centella water.

Special Long-Lasting Cloud Spray made from France allow the formula to spray like an
actual mist. It helps to deliver the First Blending Essence deeply and finely on skin.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Shake well before use, and spray from 15-20cm distance. Gently pat for better absorption.
You can use it as a mist over makeup. It doesn't make the makeup to smudge or clump.


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