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[Klairs] ★ Sale 10% ★ Rich Moist Facial Soap [Face] 100g / 10,500 won(12)

Brand: Klairs
Product Code: Klairs-1001891
Weight: 0.166 kg
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[Klairs] ★ Sale 10% ★ Rich Moist Facial Soap [Face] 100g / 10,500 won(12)

What it is

A facial bar soap that deeply cleanses skin without making it feel tight!
This compact, long-lasting pink bar features calamine powder to soothe sensitive skin and
a blend of argan, almond, and camellia oils for supreme hydration. The addition of yermar
mate, an ingredient that holds five times more polyphenol than tea tree, delivers a healthy
dose of antioxidants to soothe and nourish your skin.

Klairs soap series is made by master craftsmen who have produced soaps for more
than 20 years. The delicately selected natural ingredients were matured through time
at low temperature to produce the best soap. Artificial ingredients such as surfactants,
hardeners, preservatives and fragrance were not used in the process. Natural glycerin
from the production stage is contained within the soap to maximize hydration effects.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Use this cleanser as the second step after your oil cleanser to make sure your face is
thoroughly cleansed. Simply lather up the bar of soap in your hands, rub it onto your
face, and rinse.


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