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[I'm from] Im from ★ Sale 10% ★ ⓘ Rice Toner 150ml / 25102(4) / 28,000 won(4)

Brand: I'm from
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[I'm from] Im from ★ Sale 10% ★ ⓘ Rice Toner 150ml / 25102(4) / 28,000 won(4)

What it is

The I’m From Rice Toner is a toner to hydrate and brighten dull, irritated skin. Created with ground Yeoju rice, this toner helps to get rid of impurities located deep in the skin, and exfoliates the complexion for smoother, hydrated skin. It also contains gamma oryzanol, helpful in brightening a dull complexion. This toner is effective for dull, fatigued skin, as well as dry, irritated skin. Simply apply to the whole face with your hands or a cotton round. It can also be used as a facial mist.

Rice is a traditional ingredient loved in Korea not only for dietary purposes, but also for their effective brightening and cleansing properties for skin. *Please check Wish More for more information about Yeoju Rice.


Rice Toner Texture

Key ingredients

Yeoju Rice
Rice has been used in Korea for years as a traditional skincare ingredient as it is known to be full of great components that are wonderful for the skin. In comparison to regular rice, Yeoju rice has a higher content of dietary fibers such as active ingredients like aminosine and lysine, which are great for the skin. The I’M FROM Rice Toner is made with 77.78% Goa Rice Extract.



Recommended for

Dull, exhausted skin
Dry, irritated skin
Aging, uneven skin

How to use

Thoroughly cleanse the face as normal. Before use, shake the bottle to mix it’s contents. Use a cotton round or your hands to apply an adequate amount of product to your face. For an added glow, use the rice toner after exfoliating.

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