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[GRAYMELIN] ⓘ Day by Day Care Cica Solution Cream 50ml / 19,000 won(16)

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[GRAYMELIN] ⓘ Day by Day Care Cica Solution Cream 50ml / 19,000 won(16)

What it is

A skin soothing and protecting cream. Contains Alaska glacier water to increase skin moisturizing property. It permeates fast into the skin to soothe and moisturize the skin. Enriched with nautral moisturizing ingredients that aids skin nourishing and soothing to protects the irritated skin. It has low-irritating yet highly adhesive texture for faster moisturizing that gives luster to the skin.

Key ingredients

Galcier Water rich in mineral, keeps the skin moist
Tea Tree Extract soothes the skin, and controls sebum secretion
Houttuynia Extract soothes the skin and purifies the complexion
Centella Asiatica Extract soothes and moisturize the skin
Asiatic Knotweed Extract vitalize and protects teh skin
Gold Extract the natural preservative protects the skin
Green Tea Extract protects and moisturize the tired skin
Licorice Extract soothes the skin
Chamomile Extract clams the sensitive skin and controls sebum secretion
Rosemary Leaf Extract protects the skin and moisture



Recommended for

All Skin Types

How to use

Take an adequate amount and gently apply on entire face, excluding the eye areas.

Ingredient list


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