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[COSRX] Extrusion swab 10ea / 1,500 won(10) / 단종

Brand: cosrx
Product Code: cosrx-1001210
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[COSRX] Extrusion swab 10ea / 1,500 won(10) / 단종

What it is

Disposable extrusion swabs with soft 100% black cotton and an extraction tool on
the other.
Use extrusion swabs to remove unwanted blackheads, whiteheads, and sebum in
a hygienic and less irritating way.
Unclog your pores and wipe away dirt with the cotton swab.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

1. After face wash, remove water from your face.
2. Push with extrusion swab on desired areas.
3. Remove wastes with cotton swab.
4. Do not push so hard.


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