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[COSNORI] ★ Sale 45% ★ ⓓ Cleansing Water 500ml / 32,000 won(3)

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[COSNORI] ★ Sale 45% ★ ⓓ Cleansing Water 500ml / 32,000 won(3)

What it is

A cleansing water with quick melting cleansing enriched with mild plant-based ingredient.

It removes stubborn makeup and dead cells from skin surface while supplying moisture. Which
keeps the skin moist even after cleansing, and protects the skin from external stimuli for a pure
and clear complexion. The COSNORI Cleansing Water doesn't need follow up cleansing or
rinsing off with water.


Key Ingredients

Moringa Extract increase cleansing effect
Centella Asiatica Extract skin protection, soothing
Xylitol moisture supply



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Gently wipe entire face with Cleansing Water saturated cotton pad.
It doesn't need any follow up cleansing, but you can finish off with lukewarm water if desired.


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