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[COSNORI] ★ Sale 41% ★ ⓓ Whitening Toner 500ml / 28,000 won(3) / 재고만

Product Code: COSNORI-1002255
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[COSNORI] ★ Sale 41% ★ ⓓ Whitening Toner 500ml / 28,000 won(3) / 재고만

What it is

A brightening toner enriched with plant-based ingredients

It is a custom whitening toner that brightens the complexion with various plant based
ingredients that cleans and brightens the dull skin tone. It moisturize and brightens
the complexion at one, and works as a soothing pack irritated from dry environment.
It keeps the skin moist after cleansing, and removes excess sebum and skinwaste. The
Whitening Toner reinforce the moisture barrier as well by nourishing the fatigued skin.

Key Ingredients

Moringa Extract help skin protection
Lotus Water moisturizing
Cherry Blossom radiance care
Sanghwang Mushroom (Phellinus linteus) nourishing
Centella Asiatica Extract skin protection, soothing
Burdock Extract rich in vitamin



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Gently wipe entire face and neck with Whitening Toner saturated cotton pad.
Gently pat for better absorption.


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