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[GOONGBE] ⓙ Basic Gift Set / 2201(1)

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[GOONGBE] ⓙ Basic Gift Set / 2201(1)

What it is

Shampoo & Bath
Bath combined with a mild shampoo bath. Mild formula inspired by Korean wisdom&pure nature. Low-irritating shampoo combined bath to wash from head to toe at once. Dense foam that is washed quickly. It contains oat kernel oil and does not dry after bath. Mild weak acid formula. Korea Food and Drug Administration and the 26 EU-designated allergen fragrance ingredients excluded.

Baby Moisture Lotion
Less sebum to give easily drying infant 48 hours moisture supply. Gives stronger skin barrier on weak baby skin to protect with moisture. Skin friendly triple moisture ingredient to supply hydration. Elastic texture to give high fit on the skin. Exclusion of 26 suspicious allergens specified by the EU. Completion of 48 hour moisturization test.

Baby Creamy Soap 90g
Sensitive calming care for sensitive baby skin. Moisturizing soap moist and moist. Mild moisturizing soap based on coconut oil and olive oil. 98% plant ingredient. Less skin irritation and easier decomposition in water. Soft cream foam (Produce rich and soft foam). Convenient for partial cleaning. Can be used for partial washing of hands, feet, butt as well as whole body bath for children. An allergen-free incense (Exclude suspected fragrance of allergen). Passed an excellent grade in the safety test of the German dermatological research institute 'Dermatest'.


Shampoo&Bath 350ml
Moisture Lotion 250ml
Creamy Soap 90 g

Recomended for

All skin types including newborns

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