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[GOODAL] ★ Sale 40% ★ Moisture Barrier Rich Mist 80ml / 15,000 won

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[GOODAL] ★ Sale 40% ★ Moisture Barrier Rich Mist 80ml / 15,000 won

What it is

Goodal's bestselling Moisture Barrier Line delivers a more anti-aging focused collection with Moisture
Barrier Rich, enriched with the nutrient-rich benefits of golden mistletoe and milk ceramides. As one
of the most well-known evergreens, the Mistletoe is held in esteem for its exceptional medicinal,
healing and antioxidant properties that can survive and thrive in the coldest and driest of climates.
Enriched with lecithin, saponin and flavonoids it prevents moisture loss and provides energy to skin.

Infused with the additional benefits of protein and mineral-rich milk ceramides, this nourishing mist
delivers a dense veil that wraps skin with moisture, minimizes moisture loss, and revitalizes skin. With
the skin calming benefits of licorice root, propolis, tumeric and niacinamide, it minimizes irritation by
soothing skin while providing excellent skin brightening and plumping benefits.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

As a Toner
After cleansing, shake the bottle to mix the dual layer and spray 4"-6" from the face.

As a Mist
Shake bottle well before application. Spray 4"-6" away from face throughout the day as needed.


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