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[Ultra V] ⓙ Idebenone Ampoule (0.6ml+5.4ml) 1ea / 0815(20) / sold out

Brand: Ultra V
Product Code: ETC-1003957
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[Ultra V] ⓙ Idebenone Ampoule (0.6ml+5.4ml) 1ea / 0815(20) / sold out

What it is

The Ultra V ampoule has an EPF or Environmental Protection Factor of 95 which means that it has quite a strong anti-oxidizing power. The ampoules are quite multi-functional because they will give you a variety of benefits. The most prominent benefit of this product is that it smoothens out all the wrinkles on your face. It also has been proven to whiten and brighten your skin tone giving you an increased radiance. The product will also give your skin an increased elasticity and thus make it more lifted and supple. All these benefits will automatically make you look much younger and give your face firmness as you had in your youth. The product has also been proven to remove the wrinkles that form around the eyes.

The serum will moisturize your skin and prevent it from showing any signs of aging whatsoever. The serum also works to remove any spots from your skin and gives it a smooth and clear appearance. So, you need not be stressed about your skin problems anymore as long as you have the ampoules of this brand along with you. The ampoules will nourish the tired cells of your face and thus make them look fresh even after a tiring day. With regular usage of the product, you can get rid of blemishes as well. Ultra V has become quite popular in Singapore because of all these properties.



Recommended for

For all skin types

How to use

How to use Idebenone_Ampoule
Press the button on top of the Ultra V Idebenone Ampoule. Shake the ampoule to thoroughly blend the yellow idebenone concentrate. Change into the dropper cap and apply an adequate amount on face.

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