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[innisfree] ★ Sale 33% ★ Double Fit Lifting Mask (17g+19g)*5ea / 3,600 won

Brand: innisfree
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[innisfree] ★ Sale 33% ★ Double Fit Lifting Mask (17g+19g)*5ea / 3,600 won

What it is

A lifting facial mask with a skin-friendly essence sheet that replenishes moisture
and active ingredients. The moisture-enriched, V-Fit Stretching Band firmly lifts
the chin area for complete anti-aging effect.

Dual care sheet mask for complete firming care
The microfiber-structured upper sheet fits perfectly on the skin to deliver active
ingredients, while the hydrogel-based lower sheet with a lifting band provides a
moisturising and cooling effect to tighten and lift up the skin.

3-in-1 care for firming, lifting, and skin concern care
The upper mask made with thick microfiber makes the skin firm, and the lower
lifting band with a moist and resilient texture densely and tightly adheres to the
jawline to provide a tightening and lifting effect.
Adenosine, the main ingredient that offers an anti-wrinkle effect, has blended with
various active ingredients to give four different solutions- brightening, nourishing,
moisturising and pore-caring - according to skin concern.

Time-reset triple formula
A synergy effect of refreshing moisture essence with its oil base including water oil
and milk oil, and the time-reset triple formula (collagen, peptide, and adenosine)
makes overly dry skin become taut and nourished.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

1. Remove the film on the V-Fit Stretching Band.
2. Place the de-filmed part on the skin and align on the mouth along the cut line.
3. Hold the openings and slowly pull along the chin line toward the ears.
4. Open and unfold Moisture Fit Essence Sheet and place it over face.
5. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.
6. Discard the mask and gently pat for further absorption.



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