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[Kwangdong] (jj) Sweatclor 30ml / roll-on type / 스웨클로액 / 0535(20)

Brand: Kwangdong
Product Code: Kwangdong-1510130
Weight: 0.1 kg
Availability: 892

[Kwangdong] (jj) Sweatclor 30ml / roll-on type / 스웨클로액 / 0535(20)

What it is

Sweatclor, a roll-on type product is alcohol-free and proven suitable for sensitive skin, even children, according to the company. The advised usage is simply apply the amount needed underarm, or on the palms and soles three to four times at night and leave it until the next morning. The Sweatclor not only eliminates perspiration but also odor for up to 72 hours with one application. A combination of natural herbs neutralizes perspiration odor as well as preventing yellow stains, the company added. The content is anti-bacterial and without harsh chemicals. The treatment will curb profuse sweating of the face without clogging pores, thereby lessening the chance of the skin breaking out, the company said.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

In the evening, apply an appropriate amount to the area and wash it with water the next morning. Use it once a night until the permation stops, and if the symptoms improve, reduce it to once or twice a week.

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