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[HERA] ★ Sale 34% ★ (tt) White Program Effector 40ml / 100,000 won()

Brand: HERA
Product Code: HERA-1000430
Weight: 0.285 kg
Availability: 998

[HERA] ★ Sale 34% ★ (tt) White Program Effector 40ml / 100,000 won()

What it is

The brightening serum makes skin look clear as if having a light turned on the skin.

L.E.D. Lightening Essence to light up the skin from inside
HERA’s innovative L.E.D. TechnologyTM (Luminous Effect of Destiny)
treats melanin and turns the L.E.D. light inside the skin for bright skin that glows from within.

*L.E.D. TechnologyTM (Luminous Effect of Destiny)
Innovative technology for total skin brightening care to prevent the production and further
buildup of melanin and remove shade around the skin for bright, clear and flawless skin.

Control the skin biorhythm for skin that looks well-rested
It brings the biorhythm of the skin back on track and makes the skin look healthy and well-rested.

For skin that glows from within
It fills the skin with moisture from deep inside and by doing so, improves the level of light reflection
and skin clarity for the dazzle of the skin coming from within.



Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Take an adequate amount on the back of your hand
after using WHITE PROGRAM HYDRATING EMULSION and apply all across the face.

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