Home / [DMR] (jj) Golden Gift Curcumin Gold (2g*100ea) 1 Pack / NEW / 3750(3) / 75,000 won()

[DMR] (jj) Golden Gift Curcumin Gold (2g*100ea) 1 Pack / NEW / 3750(3) / 75,000 won()

Brand: DMR
Product Code: DMR-1510631
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[DMR] (jj) Golden Gift Curcumin Gold (2g*100ea) 1 Pack / NEW / 3750(3) / 75,000 won()

What it is

It has a high antioxidant capacity, helps prevent the activities of agents that cause stomach and duodenal pain. Help to accelerate the process of healing wounds and scars on the body. Korean Nano Curcumin contains thrombomodulin so it helps support the treatment of bacterial or viral infections, establishing an effective immune system. Reduce the phenomena such as belching, heartburn or epigastric pain. Korean Nano Curcumin helps Detox the body, effectively supporting weight loss and body detox. Nano Curcumin Gold will be the perfect choice to meet those needs quickly and conveniently. Natural vitamin A and B5 supplement helps bright eyes Supporting the treatment of dark skin and melasma, helping skin become white and pink. Support the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, hepatobiliary, dementia in elderly Alzheimer's and diabetes. It helps the body fight off cancer-causing cells, reducing their effects and toxicity caused by chemotherapy and radiation.


(2g*100ea) 1 Pack

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

You can mix 1 tube of Nano Curcumin Gold with filtered water or dissolve with fruit juice, milk, tea about 200-300ml, or put in the same food every day. Note that when mixing Korean Nano Curcumin in food, it is very easy to use and achieve higher efficiency. You should drink Korean Nano Curcumin Gold after breakfast. Morning is always the best time for the medicine to absorb. Each day you can drink 2 tubes to get the best effect.

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