Home / [Elizavecca] ★ Sale 72% ★ (ho) Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack (23g*10ea) 1 Pack / Box 50 / 3399(6) / 12,000 won(6) / 재고만

[Elizavecca] ★ Sale 72% ★ (ho) Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack (23g*10ea) 1 Pack / Box 50 / 3399(6) / 12,000 won(6) / 재고만

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[Elizavecca] ★ Sale 72% ★ (ho) Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack (23g*10ea) 1 Pack / Box 50 / 3399(6) / 12,000 won(6) / 재고만

What it is

*EGF - Gilt-bronze extract, which is rich in protein and amino acids, effectively delivers nutrients to dry and rough skin, improving elasticity and energizing to make skin moist and smooth.

*Milk - Milk extract, which helps moisturize and brighten the skin, helps skin elasticity and keeps skin moisturizing and soothing.

*Vita - It contains vitamin E and various fruit and vegetable extracts, providing intensive moisturizing and nourishing to the skin to make it clear and bright and glossy.

*Centella Asiatica - Contains Centella Asiatica ingredient to soothe rough skin stimulated by external environment and fermentation ingredients help maintain skin elasticity and healthy skin care.

*Aqua - Natural moisturizing factors, hyaluronic acid and xylitol provide strong moisture to dry skin, making tired skin feel smooth and moist, and collagen and pomegranate extracts make skin elastic and healthy.

*Collagen - Hydrolized collagen, which has excellent skin affinity, maintains skin moisture and improves skin elasticity and wrinkles, making skin texture smooth and glossy.

*Tea Tree - Tea tree ingredient soothes skin, and high moisturizing ingredients such as seramide, lotus extract, brush flower extract, and edelweiss flower extract form a protective layer on the skin to protect skin from harmful environments and strengthen skin barrier.

*Fruits - Fruit ingredients, which are excellent for old dead skin and pore care, permeate the skin to help cleanse the skin by taking care of oil, sebum, and blackheads.

*Honey - Honey extracts and vegetable extracts that contain nutrients needed for skin such as vitamins and proteins nourish the skin to improve elasticity and make it moist and smooth.

*Red Ginseng - Red ginseng extract and antlers nourish the skin to make it more active and energetic, while Coenzyme Q10 ingredient makes the skin elastic and glossy.

*Hyaluronic Acid Water - It contains excellent moisturizing and hyaluronic acid that holds moisture in the skin, providing a strong moisturizing effect for the skin, making the tired skin smooth and moist and helping to strengthen the vegetable skin barrier.

*Black Charcol Honey - Contains charcoal powder to cleanse the skin and provide pore care effects, and honey extract effectively delivers nutrients to dry and rough skin to improve elasticity and revitalize and moisturize it.


(23ml*10ea) 1 Pack

Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

After washing, using the toilet water and prepares the texture of the skin. To face the sheet to fit the pattern of the face, after attachment, about 15-20 min, after taking a result rest, the mask remove. It remains to remove the mask essence by tapping, it will be absorbed.

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