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[ElishaCoy] ★ Sale 64% ★ ⓑ My Balance Mist Program Set (80ml*4ea) 1 Pack / 56150(4) / 47,000 won()

Brand: ElishaCoy
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[ElishaCoy] ★ Sale 64% ★ ⓑ My Balance Mist Program Set (80ml*4ea) 1 Pack / 56150(4) / 47,000 won()

What it is

My Balance Mist Cooling
A cooling mist that instantly cools and calms heated skin.The cooling effect of this mist is low-irritant, and does not comes from chemical or alcohol ingredients. Contains green tea extract, aloe extract for moisturizing and soothing. The tannin of green tea is excellent in skin soothing, catechin provides skin protection effect. Aloe provides instant soothing and moisture to the red and irritated skin, neutralize the pH level. It is excellent in moisturizing and acts as a natural skin barrier which prevent moisture loss.

My Balance Mist Essential
All-in-one skincare item containing hydrating toner, nourishing serum, and moisturizing cream. It is composed of moisture layer and highly moisturizing essential oil layer to hydrate and nourish the skin at once. Contains Seed Complex Water that is effective in moisturizing and nourishing, and Urea, a natural componetn of skin structure that take s7% of the natural moisturizing factors and excellent in moisturizing and hydration. Oil Complex provides moisture and vibrance to the skin as it form a protective layer on skin to prevent moisture loss.

My Balance Mist pH
A slightly acidic mist that re-adjusts pH balance as 4.5~6.5 level after cleansing to keep the skin healthy, and gently improve the sensitized skin. It contains optimal ratio of the essential mineral and electrolyte for the skin, and the sodium chloride adjust the 0.9% salt concentration, to maintain best condition for the skin.

My Balacne Mist Oil Cut
A balancing mist that absorbs excess sebum and re-hydrates the skin. The natural powder ingredient from bamboo, absorb the excess sebum of the skin to prevent greasy shine, and acts as a makeup fixer. Contains cypress water, with excellent skin soothing abillity, to improve the unbalanced skin condition.


My Balance Mist Cooling 80ml
My Balance Mist Essential 80ml
My Balance Mist pH 80ml
My Balance Mist Oil Cut 80ml

Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing, shake and hold the bottle 20-30cm away and spray. Follow with serum and moisturizer. Use throughout the day to freshen up skin.

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