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[dasoni] ⓘ Lupeol Derma Solution Cream 50ml / 28,000 won

Brand: dasoni
Product Code: dasoni-503102
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[dasoni] ⓘ Lupeol Derma Solution Cream 50ml / 28,000 won

What it is

A moisturizing cream effective for acne prone skin.

Enriched with 50% of eggplant extract, rich in lupeol, this cream is suitable for all skin types.
For combination skin, it controls the moisture and oil balance, for oily skin it controls sebum,
and for sensitive skin it improves skin texture with its mild formula.



Key ingredients

Eggplant extract
Sebum care and relieve inflammation

A patent ingredient made of 10 oriental medicine extract
soothes skin

Tea tree leaf extract
Controls excess sebum and soothes skin

Aloevera leaf extract
Strengthens skin and soothes sensitive skin

Solutions for

Oily skin with excess sebum
Skin stimulated from external environment
Acne prone skin
Sensitive skin

Recommended for

All skin types

How to use

Dispense a suitable amount and apply on entire face.

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