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[DABO] ⓑ Collagen Lifting Toner 150ml / 6415(6) / sold out

Brand: DABO
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[DABO] ⓑ Collagen Lifting Toner 150ml / 6415(6) / sold out

What it is

Essence type toner that keeps uneven skin texture supple and firm

Synergy effect of marine collagen and dual functionalities!
Marine collagen with excellent skin affinity and absorption and FDA notified anti wrinkle ingredient ‘adenosine’ penetrate into elasticity collapsed spot to keep the skin resilient and firm from the inside. Due to hydration of marine collagen, it fills the skin with moisture. Also, it keeps dry skin and tight skin hydrated.

With aloe vera leaves Skin relief reinforcement of skin barrier!
It calms the skin and strengthens immune system as well as skin barrier.

Strong elasticity booster
This toner provides nutrition and hydration to the skin, making the skin base healthy for upgraded absorption of next step product.

Key ingredients

Aloevera Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Allanoin



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After cleansing skin, saturate a cotton pad and wipe onto the skin, starting from the center of the face and working your way out. Or dispense a dime-sized amount into palm and apply to the face in a gentle patting motion.

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