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[AMPLE:N] AMPLEN ★ Sale 87% ★ (bp) 24K Gold Shot Ampoule 100ml / Big Size / Box 60 / ⓘ 51 / 71150(6) / 99,000 won(6)

Brand: AMPLE:N
Product Code: Coreana-1006033
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[AMPLE:N] AMPLEN ★ Sale 87% ★ (bp) 24K Gold Shot Ampoule 100ml / Big Size / Box 60 / ⓘ 51 / 71150(6) / 99,000 won(6)

What it is

This ampoule regenerates and rejuvenates at the cellular level, restores clear contours, smoothes out skin wrinkles, fights pigmentation, and has a powerful detox effect.
Niacinamide, trehalose, noni and ginseng fruit extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, adenosine, arginine, β-glucan, Matrixyl®, Dermaxyl®, titanium dioxide, and biologically active gold are the main ingredients of the ampoule.
Niacinamide has strong rejuvenating properties: it stimulates the synthesis of dermal structural proteins and the “lifting” effect, restores hydro balance, increases the synthesis of ceramides and free fatty acids in the epidermis and, accordingly, reduces transepidermal loss of moisture, leveling the microrelief and smoothing the skin creases, inhibiting depression. bleaching of hyperchromic spots, reduction of inflammation in case of acne, seboregulation and narrowing of pores, improvement of microcirculation and anti-edema effect, softening and reduce flaking.
Trehalose prevents moisture loss and protects cells from drying out, significantly improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin, reduces flaking and restores its elasticity, has high antioxidant potential, and can work as a "conductor" of other active substances into the deeper layers of the skin.
Noni fruit extract contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, thereby preventing the skin from fading, saturating it with energy, cleansing the skin, has a sub-regulatory, moisturizing and antioxidant effect.
Ginseng root extract is an intensive tonic, contains a large number of amino acids and B vitamins, thanks to which it protects the skin from negative environmental influences and provides the necessary nutrition, helps to reduce post-inflammatory and age-related hyperpigmentation of the skin, stimulates local immunity.
Hydrolyzed collagen significantly enhances neocollagenesis, recreates facial contours, restores elasticity and elasticity, effectively rejuvenates, eliminates age-related changes, intensively moisturizes and protects the skin from transepidermal water loss, smoothes the microrelief and smoothes wrinkles from the inside.
Adenosine has a multipurpose effect on the skin: it actively stimulates the synthesis of its own frame-of-youth proteins in the dermis, smoothes the skin relief (reduces wrinkles and reduces their severity), has an anti-inflammatory effect, blocks involutional skin changes, provides a pronounced antioxidant effect (including protection from adverse weather conditions), accelerates wound healing (including after chemical peels, injection and ablative procedures).
Arginine is an essential amino acid that, penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis, has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the healing of the skin after microdamage and burns, stimulates their renewal and rejuvenation, reduces hyperpigmentation and, activating neocollagenesis, provides a lifting effect.
β-glucan, derived from the schizophilum mushroom mycelium, activates immunity, stimulates regeneration processes by activating keratinocytes and fibroblasts.
Matrixyl® is a regulatory peptide that stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts, which ensures the alignment of the skin microrelief, lifting effect and restoration of hydrobalance.
Titanium dioxide is an effective physical UV filter.
Biologically active gold has a bactericidal effect, significantly increases the skin's ability to absorb, retain moisture and is an excellent "conductor" for other active ingredients: vitamins, plant extracts, etc. In addition, biologically active gold ions provide fast delivery of oxygen molecules to the deep layers of the skin, normalizes the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and also enhances microcirculation and lymph flow.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

After the toner, apply a small amount of the ampoule to the face and décolleté area with light tapping movements until completely absorbed.

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