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[Yuhan] (lt) Antiphlamine S Lotion 100ml / 5202(8)

Brand: Yuhan
Product Code: Yuhan-1006073
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[Yuhan] (lt) Antiphlamine S Lotion 100ml / 5202(8)

What it is

Anti-inflammatory analgesic with 81-year history.

Antiphlamine is a very popular product for many people as it is the No. 1 item in their first-aid kits. The medicine was initially developed to treat joint inflammation, neuralgia, muscular pain or other such wounds. However, people use it to treat all kinds of wounds and symptoms, such as sprains, joint pain, itches, bruises, blisters on the hands or feet, insect bites and even apply it to the upper lip to clear blocked noses. Such a wide use of the medicine is due to its ingredients, including menthol, camphor and methyl salicylate, all of which show effectiveness in anti-inflammation analgesic functions, vasodilatation and in reducing itchiness. Antiphlamine also has a high moisturizing effect, as it contains a high level of Vaseline.



Recomended for

All skin types

How to use

Take an adequate amount and apply 1-4 times a day and let it absorb well. Once the lotion is absorbed and the surface is dry, massage well.

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