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[SWLD] (bo) Bania Avocado Sun Lotion 100ml / 3425(9)

Brand: SWLD
Product Code: SWLD-1005003
Weight: 0.21 kg
Availability: 999


[SWLD] (bo) Bania Avocado Sun Lotion 100ml / 3425(9)

What it is

It is a functional sun lotion that protects the skin from UV rays with strong UVA and UVB protection. The index is UV-protected with SPF50 + PA ++++. PA simply means Protection Grade of UVA rays, which is used to measure the SPF of a sunscreen.PA + means the sunscreen can provide UVA protection with factor of Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) between two to four. It can provide the protection of medium UV radiation.



Recomended for

All Skin types

How to use

Take an appropriate amount before going out and apply it slowly and gently to the face, arms, legs, etc. to the skin that is easily exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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