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[sioris] ⓘ Goodbye Make up Remover 80ml /14,000won(11)

Brand: sioris
Product Code: sioris-1510246
Weight: 0.181 kg
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[sioris] ⓘ Goodbye Make up Remover 80ml /14,000won(11)

What it is

TWO-PHASE CLEANSING: Contains two parts consisting of an oil and water remover that works in combination to emulsify and remove facial make up, while leaving the skin moisturized and radiant ORGANIC YUZU WATER BASE: Formulated with organic yuzu water to lower the pH level of the cleanser, leaving skin soft and clean with little to no irritation. 5.07 pH LEVEL: A sub-acidic pH is maintained for this cleanser in order to help keep the skin's own natural levels intact LOW INGREDIENT PROFILE: A powerful combination based on a small number of carefully selected ingredients REMOVES MAKEUP, SUNSCREEN, LIPSTICK, EYELINER COMPLETELY: Sioris organic oil cleanser cleanses trace of waterproof makeup and dissolve impurities from mascara, eyeliner and foundation. The makeup remover will deeply penetrate into pores to clean build-ups and prevent acnes & breakouts, pore enlargement and reduce blackheads. Revealing a healthy and fresh appearance.



Recomended for

All Skin Type

How to use

Shake well before use. Pour an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad, place over the desired area for a few seconds and gently wipe off.

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