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[O HUI] Ohui ★ Sale 47% ★ (jj) Age Recovery Special Set / 61850() / 160,000 won()

Brand: ohui
Product Code: O HUI-1005611
Weight: 1.5 kg
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[O HUI] Ohui ★ Sale 47% ★ (jj) Age Recovery Special Set / 61850() / 160,000 won()

What it is

O HUI's super anti-aging line instantly diminishes visible signs of aging. It helps build up Type 3 collagen - the "Baby collagen™", which is responsible for reducing wrinkles and making the skin return to childlike softness and elasticity.

Age Recovery Skin Softener
This milky texture, highly concentrated softener contains vital nutrition for powerful anti-aging care. This formula preps the skin for optimal absorption of Baby collagen to help the skin return to the childlike complexion.

Age Recovery Emulsion
This anti-aging lotion is formulated with skin friendly ingredients like Baby collagen and essential fatty acids. This functional lotion delivers delicate nutrition for Baby collagen to take effect.

This premium anti-aging essence helps recover youthful skin by filling in baby collagen which may have decreased in production from advancing years. This highly functional formula contains the same baby collagen found in the skin, so it penetrates immediately upon application. The non-greasy texture is perfect for all year around anti-aging care.

Age Recovery Cream
This powerful anti-aging cream is formulated with Baby collagen to enhance the skin's productivity of Type 3 collagen. The result is the appearance of refined skin that looks rejuvenated, firm, and lifted.


Age Recovery Skin Softener 150ml
Age Recovery Emulsion 130ml
Age Recovery Cream 30ml
Age Recovery Essence 20ml

Age Recovery Skin Softener Sample 20ml
Age Recovery Emulsion 20ml Sample 20mlAge Recovery Eye Cream for All Sample 20ml
Age Recovery Essence Sample 3ml
Ultimate Cover Cushion Moisture #01 Sample 15g

Recomended for

All skin types

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